Midwest Show Me Funny Ent.

​St. Louis, MO.


AMERICANS SERVING AMERICANSsee and order your button designs below.

Order your special design of what you want your ASA Member Button  and Fundraiser Buttons to say  or look like other than what you see for the ASA Movement. Tell us here at this form  below. Orders will be shipped out within 7 business days.

Email us a picture at the form below of what you want to say on our 2 1/4 inch buttons. See the example of one of our button designs in the slide. If you send a text of what you want to say and how many you want on our 2 1/4 inch button to 314-243-6034, you will get a reply in 24 hours of our quote from your order.

 We support the END HOMELESS MISSION. If you would like to help support this great cause make a donation on the give back page of SAY IT ON A BUTTON.  You will receive one of the designs on the Give Back page for your donation.

ASA Member Buttons are $5 each and the Fundraiser Buttons are $25 for a count of 50. For more orders send a message for a return link of the order you want. A % of these sells go to the ASA Movement and another % go to the End Homeless Mission.