Help and Heal Through Laughter


Midwest "Show Me Funny" Entertainment organize and presents local and national productions. Our goal is to create new opportunities for career choices and raise investments in struggling communities. We wish to give a portion of our event proceeds to organizations making a positive impact in communities. If your organization can use our help we want to support you. 

Look for Ms. Woody  hashtags on social media.





Midwest Show Me Funny Entertainment

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​St. Louis, MO.



Collaborate with us so we can support each other and pay it forward. You can start by making your challenge video on social media of what you stand up for. Add our Hashtag #JOINTHECOMEDYMOVEMENT and your own hashtag.

Join our support group on facebook for event information. Contact us if you want to be a part of comedy history and details to adding your events or business information to our websites.

We are working to end homelessness in many communities:  END HOMELESS MISSION

If your organization is doing something to help those struggling with any life issues add your information to the end homeless community page. We are powerful together so why not work together!

If your organization join our community, it's our wish to make a donation to help your cause. *Your organization must be registered with your state as a non-profit but don't have to be a 501(c)3 at the time. We will do this from some of the proceeds raised from our events. Send your request to join at the END HOMELESS MISSION link above.

The founder would like to show support to 20 small non-profit organizations at the Midwest "Show Me Funny" Comedy Festival. Contact us today to be one of those organizations!